KS3 and KS4 English Worksheets

Below are some of our worksheets in this category. Upload of worksheets is an on-going process and more will be added in future gradually. Please keep visiting for new material.

Please note that at KM Tuition, these worksheets are used as a supplementary material along with high quality school textbooks. Neither of these alone can yield the excellent results that they together combined with our effective instructions deliver.

KS3 Worksheets


What is Grammar - A brief introduction to grammar


Capitals Notes - Notes on Capitals
Capitals Exercise - An exercise on Capitals
Full Stops Notes - Notes on Full Stops
Full Stops Exercise - An exercise on Full Stops
Commas Notes - Notes on Commas
Commas Exercise - An exercise on Commas
Apostrophe Notes - Notes on Apostrophes
Apostrophe Exercise - An exercise on Apostrophes
Hyphen Notes - Notes on Hyphens
Hyphen Exercise - An exercise on Hyphens
Colons and Semi-colons Notes - Notes on Colons and Semi-colons
Colons and Semi-colons Exerise - An exercise on Colons and Semi-colons
Speech Marks Notes - Notes on Speech Marks
Speech Marks Exercise - An exercise on Speech Marks
Question Marks Notes - Notes on Question Marks
Exclamation Marks Notes - Notes on Exclamation Marks
Punctuation Test - A revision of punctuations

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech - A brief introduction to Parts of Speech
Nouns - Notes on Nouns
Nouns - An exercise on Nouns

KS4 Exercises

Timothy Winters - An exercise on Metaphors, Onomatopoeia and Similes