The best of professionals

not everybody can teach. A teacher is like professionals in other fields. to succeed, he/she has to be the best!

He/she posseses a multitude of qualities enabling success in this field, and some key qualities are:

Thinks positively and enthusiastically about people and what they are capable of becoming. Sees the good in any situation and can move forward to make the most of difficult situations when confronted with obstacles. Encourages others to also be positive.

Honest and authentic in working with others. Consistently lives up to commitments to students and others. Works with them in an open, honest, and forthright manner.

Makes efficient use of time and moves in a planned and systematic direction. Knows where he or she is heading and is able to help students in their own organization and planning.

Demonstrates commitment to students and the profession and is self-confident, poised and personally in control of situations. Has a healthy self-image as well as honours the self-respect of the students.

Sees each student as a unique and valuable individual. Quickly diagnoses student difficulties and assists in the management of individual situations.

Is in a constant quest for knowledge. Keeps up in his or her specialty areas, and has the insight to integrate new knowledge. Takes knowledge and translates it to students in a way which is comprehensible to them, yet retains its originality.

Knows how to take the tension out of tight situations. Uses humor, spontaneously, in a tasteful manner. Builds togetherness in the classroom, through the use of humor.

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Free Consultation

Image of children hand in hand interested in teaching but not sure if it's right for you. Worry not!

If you wish to open up your own tuition centre with our help, we offer a free consultation meeting to assess your suitability for the role.

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Staff Profile

Who Are Our Staff?

Khalid is our main staff, responsible for administration, planning, research, development of teaching material and education delivery. He graduated from the UK and has worked for large blue-chip companies in highly demanding professional roles. He also has over 20 years of tutoring experience, including a volunteer teacher role at a Church of England school in Manchester and Education Manager role at another educational establishment in Oldham.

He loves teaching and feels immearsurable satisfaction to see his students learn and flourish in skills they desire.

Our other tutors are Arshad and Shahid, both UK graduates, employed full-time at the University of Manchester and TD Waterhouse, they teach at our centre to cover staff absences and holidays.

Neelam is another tutor at the centre mainly responsible for teaching girls. She has a real passion for teaching and is currently studying the second year of a professional teacher degree course at Manchester Metropolitan University. She aims to take up a full-time teaching role after completing her graduation.