experience that benefits children

All our staff not only hold a minimum of a bachelor degree but they are well-experienced too. Their experience includes not only teaching, but management and planning of education related activities too.

The first hand experience of teaching has no parallel outside the realm of teaching. This gives a real insight into what the task is, what it demands, what is required, and what is the most effective way to perform it. Our staff have had the opportunity to teach students from various backgrounds and ability groups at various educational establishments, each needing unique teaching plan. This offered enormous opportunities for continual improvements which our staff did not let slip away.

And our staff's experience is not just limited to teaching only, as mentioned earlier, they have been involved with management, delivery and performance measurement of education programs. And their experience does not stop at just that, they have had experience of other professional fields like programming computers too. That's simply an added and invaluable bonus.

In summary, our staff has amassed experience across a broad spectrum that benefits our students directly and profoundly.