what is KM TUITION?

KM TUITION offers KS2, KS3 and KS4 students to learn and enrich their skills in Maths, English and Science at their own pace. Your children may be struggling at school, not due to the lack of potential but because the school curriculum is covered at a pace that your children simply can't keep up with. We give them the time, space and all the help they need to learn their lessons properly.


Image of children hand in hand

KM TUITION has been helping state and Grammar school students in Oldham since 1991; boosting their confidence, laying stronger foundations for their later educational and practical life and ultimately achieving outstanding GCSE results. Some of our past students after completing their university education are now in full-time employment in various professional roles across a spectrum of industries. Others are either in further/higher education or in satisfactory employment. Their success is a testimony to the great impact we have had on their lives.



We are not all about money, that's why we allow parents to download our worksheets free of charge. If you are impressed by this, have time and skills to design teaching material, why not publish it on our website to benefit others!

If you have enthusiasm, skills and a genuine interest to help children achieve their potential, why not set up your own tuition centre? We offer our extensive experience, guidance and advice to the right candidate to be our franchisee. Simply contact us and we'll take it from there.